About Me

If you are looking for assistance with branding, graphic design, and/or content creation for your business, nonprofit, project, or campaign—I am here to help. I am a driven creative professional that can assist you in creating a brand if you don't already have one, or strengthening your existing brand through strategy, design, and content creation. If you are interested in my services, don't hesitate to reach out and let me know.

My (Creative) Expertise

I am currently employed with an international nonprofit organization based near Washington D.C. As part of the Brand Marketing team, I take care of our visual and verbal design, and strategic content planning and development. I didn't always envision myself going down this career path. I am a naturally creative person, but my educational background is in psychology and neuroscience. Though when you think about it, it's really not that much of a stretch. In fact, branding, design, and creative strategy have proven to be the perfect combination of the study of human behavior and creative work that makes me extremely happy to get out of bed in the mornings.

My Methods

I am not your traditional marketer so I don’t talk marketing speak (buzzword bingo, anyone?) …Ok, I may have picked up some lingo along the way, but I like to think that's just inevitable. Most importantly, I deal in ideas—a lot of them—and the insight and practical know-how to put them into practice. I’m a strategist at heart so I always see the bigger picture. That’s important, because branding is everywhere, highly visible, and accordingly—a major influence on your success. Branding is where design meets business sense. Aesthetics, creativity, and consistency are your friends.

Let's Talk

I would love to learn more about the challenges you are facing and take them on together. Do you have branding in place, but does it not appear to be working for you? Are you in need of a visual identity but not sure where to start? The solutions are out there—let me help you find them.